Innovations in Educational Technology – May 16, 2016

heading-homeOn May 16, 2016, Vancouver Community College (VCC) was pleased to present our second “Innovations in Educational Technology” showcase. Held at the VCC Downtown campus, this was an opportunity for our faculty to showcase a wide variety of education technologies and to learn from colleagues.

The Showcase was held on the fourth floor of VCC’s downtown campus, and encompassed 18 presentations over about 3 hours. You can see event details at the VCC EdTech Showcase registration site, and read twitter activity at the hashtag #vccedtech

Here are descriptions, videos and resources from some of the day’s presentations:

Panel Discussion: What’s Happening with e-textbooks and Open Education Resources at VCC and in BC?

Presenters: Shirley Lew, Sally Gibson, David Porter

Our panelists discussed e-textbook and open learning initiatives at VCC, particularly an
e-textbook pilot hat was undertaken by VCC’s Hospitality department, and initiatives to develop common Digital Learning Resources for BC.

VCC 2016 Ed Tech Showcase – eText Panel:

Sally Gibson – Slideshow on VCC Hospitality eText Pilot Project:

About the Presenters:

Dr. David Porter is the Associate Vice President, Education Support and Innovation, at BCIT. David has nearly 20 years of experience in higher education. Earlier in his career, he spent 11 years at BCcampus, where he led a team that brought several innovative initiatives into the BC post-secondary sector, including Canada’s first open textbook program.

Shirley Lew is the Dean, Library, Teaching & Learning Services at Vancouver Community College. In her role, she provides Academic leadership for Library, Learning Centre, Centre of Instructional Development, and School of Instructional Education.

Sally Gibson is an Instructor in VCC’s Hospitality Management Degree program.

“Can words and music move the world?”

Presenters: Jane Parker, Margaret Buxton

Jane and Margaret demonstrated how technology can enhance student analysis and comprehension of text in an organized systematic way, using YouTube videos, and online apps like Quizlet, Socrativ, Twitter, and Lino to develop an analysis of two songs.

This highly interactive session engaged participants in an authentic lesson on literary texts, including distinguishing figurative language, comparing and contrasting text, and evaluating a text’s purpose.

Two videos were shown, as part of the Music Video Analysis exercise:

Quizlet Quiz on Figurative Language:

Attendees were encouraged to Tweet their feedback using the hashtag #mandjvcc

About the Presenters:

Jane Parker has been an ABE instructor at VCC for twenty years. In her class of Generation 1.5 ESL / ABE students (who are now Digital Natives), she uses educational technology to increase engagement in practicing editing skills.

Margaret Buxton is an Instructor in College and Career Access at VCC. She is currently pursuing eLearning Certificate through the School of Instructor Education.

Adaptive Technology Services for Students with Disabilities

Presenters: Brianna Higgins, Brian Lau, Amber Inglis

Brianna Higgins from VCC Disability Services, and Amber Inglis and Brian Lau from AT-BC demonstrated the technology available to support students with permanent disabilities. Disability Services works with VCC faculty, students, and departments to make education accessible to students with a disability. We provide services, equipment, and supports to help students reach their educational goals. When students require technology and equipment in class and during exams, we consult with and/or refer them to Assistive Technology BC (AT-BC), which provides assistive technology resources to make learning and working environments usable for people with disabilities in BC.

About the Presenters:

Brianna Higgins is the Disability Services Department Leader, Vancouver Community College.
Brian Lau
is the Assistive Technology Coordinator, Assistive Technology of BC.
Amber Inglis is the Assistive Technology Coordinator, Assistive Technology of BC.

Using Camtasia as a “How to” Tool

Presenter: Graham Huckin

Graham gave a video demonstration of the features of Camtasia Studio 8, plus a couple of videos he created for his Steel Detailing students. Graham’s goal was to stimulate the attendees’ imagination regarding how the techniques demonstrated may be adapted to their own program areas.

Graham’s Camtasia Studio 8 demonstration videos:

About the Presenter:

Graham Huckin started his VCC career as a term instructor in the mid-nineties. His first career was in the steel construction industry in the UK, North Africa and Canada, working on many large projects including the Alex Fraser Bridge, Canada Place cruise ship terminal, and the WM Keck astronomical observatory on Mauna Kea. He is qualified as a steel building inspector with the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction (CISC), and is a member of the Board of Examiners of the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC (ASTTBC). A previous department head for the VCC Drafting Department, he’s currently Instructing in the VCC CAD & BIM Technologies Dept.

Using Adobe Indesign

Presenters: Lorena Espinoza

Lorena gave a ground-level introduction in Adobe InDesign; the professional layout program that graphic designers use. Lorena’s demonstration of the software also included a cheat sheet filled with helpful tips and resources.

Lorena Espinoza, Using Adobe Indesign:

About the Presenter:

Lorena Espinoza is the Department Head and an Instructor in the Digital Graphic Design Department at VCC.

SMART Board, Sympodium and Interactive Projector Technology at VCC

Presenters: Julieta Herrera, Maria Matus

In this workshop, Julieta and Maria demonstrated the basics of different interactive technologies in use at VCC, including providing hands-on experience with an Interactive Projector. Attendees were also shown how VCC Faculty can enrich their classes and enhance learning using SMART boards and the Sympodium.

SmartBoard workshop – VCC EdTech Showcase:

SmartBoard demo video:

About the Presenters:

Julieta Herrera is the Education and Media Technologist in VCC’s IT Dept. Maria Matus is the AV Maintenance & Repair Technician in the VCC IT Dept.

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